Top Reasons a Video is Essential to Every Product

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Top Reasons Why Explainer Videos are Essential to Your Company

Explainer Videos have been referred to as the future of content marketing. According to Cisco, videos will account to the 69% of the overall traffic that you receive on your site by the year 2017. One reason for this is the influx of people using their devices in accessing website. Due to this numbers alone, large companies, as well as local businesses, have included this on their digital marketing campaign especially during their pre-launch service. The amount of Film Creation Company that offers their service to different individuals, as well as the surge in the popularity of YouTube, is also a testimony that sales videos are here to stay. Here are more reasons why video is an integral part of services and product.

The Ability to Retain Information

Experts say that using video explainers allow you to deliver the right message to your audience, and there is a higher amount of information retention compared to a written content. Furthermore, when using an article to deliver the message, there is a tendency for the audience to misinterpret the content of the article as opposed to a video that contains moving images and engaging audio sound to explain the content better. By hiring the service of a film creation company, you will be able to create videos that are more professional which the consumers will find appealing.

The Statistics

Statistics shows that around 63% of the consumers attested to the fact that it is easier to reach the company who has explainer videos. 84% of the social media users also tend to engage on a company video that appeared on their news feed. This allows your company to reach a wider set of audience and not just be restricted in your area of concern especially during the pre-launch service. Video has also proved to be useful in increasing the chances of opening an email message. Around 56% of the consumers have opened an email that contains a video and watched them. 56% of the consumers online are also using the videos in helping them reach a purchasing decision.


By opening your company to the broad audience of the social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, your explainer videos are being exposed to an extensive amount of audience that can increase your traffic, conversion rate, and help in lead generation.

Increasing the Conversion Rate

According to the study released by Internet Retailer, people who watched explainer videos are more likely to execute a purchase. Several companies also posed an increased conversion rate after posting video created by an explainer video company. CrazyEgg shows a massive increase of 64% on their revenue, visual.ly also received 80,000 sign ups when they posted an animated sales video during their pre-launch service.

The Amount of People that Downloads App with Videos

The amount of people accessing the video through their mobile has prompted a lot of them to download video application. Most of the users belong to the younger set of audience. Around 44% of them are saying that they prefer to download an app with explainer videos rather than those applications without.

These are the most significant reasons that a video will change your entire business and why you should hire the service of a professional film creation company and ask them to create explainer videos for your product or service.