The Future of Mobile App Development

In News by Paras Arora

How will Mobile App Development Change in the Next 5 Years

From the time mobile apps have been popular, but in todays market they have increased in terms of significance and popularity exponetially. Whether it is an app for a mobile game or one where you can book a table at your favorite restaurant, they now come in many forms. In the next five years, it is anticipated that mobile app development will change in hundreds of more ways than just one. From the app process to landing page design, numerous changes will be apparent. These changes will demonstrate the response of developers to the changing demands of the market, as well as the increasing competition, prompting the need to stand out above all others.

Changes in the Process of Making an App

It is expected that new programming languages and innovative approaches will be introduced and will change the app process in the next five years. For instance, Swift, a programming language that has recently been introduced by Apple, is anticipated to be bigger. It is expected to change the way codes are written and expected to make apps more reliable. There will also be continuous integration and cloud-based app development platforms. This will make it easier for more people to create an app and quicker to have it launched.

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Popularity of Cross Device Development

In the next years, mobile apps will be useful beyond their current applications. Mobile app development will be more sophisticated. Developers will offer significant shifts in the ways we live. Expect that more apps will be developed for the purpose of controlling things other than your phone, such as your car or your home.

Increase in Supply and Demand

There will be an increase in demand for mobile app development in the future, especially in the case of enterprise apps. This is basically because of the fact that more businesses will be able to realize how mobile apps are beneficial in their operations. Consequently, because the process of creating an app will be easier, supply is also anticipated to rise. In one research from Future Market Insights, it has also been asserted that the rise in the supply and demand for mobile apps will also be due to the increase in smartphones and improvement of wireless technologies.

Monetization of Apps

There are different ways by which apps are monetized in today’s time. Some of the current business models include in-app advertising, freemium, paid apps, in-app purchases, subscriptions, and incentivized advertising. By 2020, it is expected that mobile app development can be a market that is worth more than $100 billion, with most of its growth attributed to the use of big data, especially in monetization. In addition, customers will be more sophisticated and discerning, prompting app developers to be more inventive in order to make money out of their apps.

It is critical that Indie developers and major companies today are able to incorporate and develop with the quickly growing market in the ever-changing app development world.